Health Rhythms® Protocol

Just Add Rhythm utilizes the Health Rhythms® protocol in most group drumming sessions.  Health Rhythms® is a research-based life enhancement tool.  It emphasizes that we all have the ability to make choices which will determine how we live our lives.  Healthy choices will lead to positive results – and more joy in our lives.

What does drumming have to do with it?  Health Rhythms® researchers have conducted studies with focus groups from many walks of life:  long-term care workers, nursing students, corporate employees, senior citizens, and at-risk adolescents.  Participants were present for a series of hour-long Group Empowerment Drumming sessions, which included relaxation and wellness techniques, drumming and music making, and rhythmic social activities.  Each study reported significant improvements in mood, reduction of anxiety, reduced stress/burnout, and bonding with the other participants.  Drumming is fun, and it serves as a tool for connecting us with ourselves and with others around us.  To read any of the research summaries for the populations listed above, please click here.

Look for us on the Remo Health Rhythms® Facilitator Finder page, the Remo Endorsed Facilitator page, and call to schedule a program today!

To find out more about the Health Rhythms® approach and research, please click here.


Photo credit:  Steve Ramcharitar

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