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  • Team-building and personal growth at Rethreaded

    “I’d like to get my own drum and do it, because it really, really…I don’t know what it did, but it did something in me, and I never expected that.” – Rethreaded participant on personal growth experience

    New beginnings.  Exciting career paths.  Gorgeous, quality, and fair trade merchandise.  I’m describing, of course, Rethreaded, where we recently led a team-building and personal growth workshop.

    About Rethreaded

    If you’re not familiar with Rethreaded in Jacksonville, you should be.  Their mission is “to unravel the effects of the sex trade by fighting business with business on a global and local level.”  They provide “safe, viable, and dignity-giving work to survivors of the sex trade allowing them to be who they were created to be.”

    What we did

    Our workshop of about 20 women focused not only on building and reinforcing unity (of which they already had much), but also encouraging personal growth.  Some participants remarked that they felt gently nudged to step out of their comfort zones, with the knowledge that their team was there to support them.

    Participants took turns standing in the middle of the drum circle, leading and listening.  They made up their own rhythms.  Then they partnered up to discuss their key takeaways.

    Most importantly, they never stopped supporting each other.

    Check out some additional photos below taken by talented photographer Mary Atwood!

    “It wasn’t just me personally that made the sounds, it took a group.  It took all of us to make this beautiful sound.” – Rethreaded participant on team-building experience

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  • Community celebration: 5 years + helping others

    On September 22nd, 2017, we celebrated 5 years of rhythm with lots of food, fun, and drumming!  Hurricane Irma had blown through just two weeks earlier, so we used the opportunity to do some good.  Donations were collected for the Salvation Army of Northeast Florida and the Jacksonville Humane Society for the people and animals who were severely affected.

    We also signed thank-you cards for first responders, including:

    • firefighters
    • EMT’s
    • doctors, nurses, and medical staff
    • sheriff’s offices and police departments
    • electric companies
    • waste removal and sanitation department

    Everyone then participated in a drum circle.  We focused on reducing stress, connecting with each other, and expressing gratitude.

    View our photo gallery below, and then check out some video highlights of the fun!

    Thank you to our sponsors, including Denny Ross Consulting Corp., Balance + Transform:  A Different Kind of Wellness Center, Juvons Maison Gaja, and Kroma Printing & Design!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

    Thanks also to HOBNOB, who did a fabulous job hosting and catering, and to Custom Ink for helping us create some amazing t-shirts for our attendees.

    Do you want in?

    If this sounds like something you’d love to try, contact us for more info, or sign up for our newsletter for updates on our upcoming events!

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  • Team-Building: Leadership Jax Opening Retreat in St. Augustine, FL

    On August 18th, 2017, members of the Leadership Jax class of 2018 got a fun surprise at their opening retreat at World Golf Village in St. Augustine – a drum circle!  Since they had just spent the day getting to know one another, a team-building drum circle was just the thing to solidify connections.  Our 5-step process took them through some energizing drum rolls, a relaxing warm-up, a listening and communication activity, drum jam, and an activity to strengthen bonding.

    According to their website,  “Leadership Jacksonville educates, connects, and inspires diverse leaders to build and strengthen their communities.”  Since connection, diversity, and creativity are the cornerstones of Just Add Rhythm’s events, this was an ideal blending of organizational values.

    Activities included:

    • Give a Little, playing one’s neighbor’s drum and injecting upbeat energy into the group (short video here!)
    • Drum jam where participants made up their own rhythms and led the group using volume cues (short video here!)
    • Number Walk, which encouraged participants to think on their feet and adapt quickly to change (short video here!)

    Participants shared that the event helped them to relax and connect, and they also drew parallels between the Number Walk activity and examples of adapting to change in work-related and personal experiences.  Plus, they had tons of fun – just look at those smiles!

    Photo credit:  Steve Ramcharitar

    Interested in adding some rhythm to your team’s next event?

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