Amplifying Togetherness with Community Drumming Programs

Just Add Rhythm offers a variety of drumming programs for community purposes, including the following:
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Therapists, long-term caregivers, hospice care workers
  • Community festivals and events
  • Parties/private events


The video below shows an exemplary senior citizen program that we offer (video courtesy of Regents Park Boca Raton)


More Information on each event type:

Community drumming reaches a wide array of populations, both for celebration and for wellness.  Our programs focus on utilizing drumming as a tool for communicating and sharing experiences, and they also offer methods of stress management and relaxation.  Below are some examples:

Senior centers:  We work with independent and assisted living centers, as well as care centers for residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The goal of our sessions is to introduce physical and mental wellness activities, as well as to prompt the singing and playing of songs that many residents recognize from their youth – which can have therapeutic and relaxing effects.

Therapists, long-term caregivers, hospice care workers:  The goal of these sessions is to introduce methods of stress management and offer an outlet for sharing stories of care and concern within a supportive environment.  Studies have shown that this type of rhythmic empowerment program can help alleviate the stress of working in such an environment, and also reduce burnout and employee turnover.

Community, private festivals and events:  Celebration events such as parties, festivals, religious holidays, and seasonal shindigs are also great occasions for drumming!  No matter what your reason for drumming, we are there to make your experience a valuable and memorable one.



What can you expect from a Community Drumming Workshop?

  • Lots of smiles
At any workshop, you can expect to see lots of smiles and laughter.  Many people go into the workshop feeling skeptical or nervous, but they leave feeling energized and better connected to themselves, their fellow participants, and their corner of the world.
  • Reduced stress
That’s right, drumming can reduce stress!  Do you remember the old expression ‘when you get angry, punch a pillow?’  Well, it is a great feeling to bang on a drum until you feel your tension release.  Clinical studies have been conducted to examine what kinds of physical and mental benefits can result from drumming.   Just Add Rhythm creates sessions that will encourage communication and maximize wellness.  Feel free to go to our Resources page for additional info on the benefits.
  • Teamwork and socialization
Just Add Rhythm drumming sessions are designed to maximize social interaction and teamwork.  The goal of this is to nurture lifelong skills at any stage of life and ensure participants feel confident about being active members of their community.  Our icebreakers and rhythm games encourage teamwork.  Plus, you get to release your inner child and just have fun!


What are you waiting for?  Contact us to schedule a community drumming workshop for your group today!

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