Wellness Workshop

One of the greatest investments you can make in your life is your health.

That’s why we offer Wellness Workshops for any groups that have a healthy living goal.  Hands-on drumming workshops can be designed for:Laya Womens Circle 7 19 13

  • support groups and organizations for people recovering from traumatic events
  • therapeutic programs for at-risk populations and teens or adults recovering from substance abuse
  • yoga/meditation gatherings
  • Solstice/Equinox/full moon events
  • wellness retreats/conferences
  • women’s healing circles
  • and more!


Holistic approach

The focus of the sessions will be utilizing rhythm to relax, set attainable goals, and include more mindfulness and self-awareness in daily living.  Rhythm also helps us to rejuvenate after a stressful work day.  Treat yourself and your group to an experience of drumming, sound healing, and stress release!


Contact us to schedule a wellness workshop for your group today!

ZM Joyful Rhythms setup

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