COVID-19 health and safety precautions for our rhythm and drum circle events

Revised November 11th, 2020

Here is what we’re doing now and what we’re asking our clients to do:

  • At the moment, we are requiring all participants over 2 years old, to wear a mask for the duration of the program.  I realize this gets in the way of smiles and laughs, but we will plan some activities to have some fun with it!  We will re-evaluate this requirement closer to the date of your program to see what the official local and state government recommendations are.
  • Chairs should to be spaced 6 feet apart, or for participants to be seated 6 feet apart.
  • We’re limiting the number of participants to whatever the official recommendation is at the time of the program.  At this time, we will keep keep participant numbers at 10 or fewer so we can make sure to space everyone 6 feet apart in the space.  This means shortening each session and offering you more sessions so everyone gets to play.
  • We will be constantly evaluating whether the use of drums will be safe at the time of the program and may adapt accordingly.  In some cases, we are not using instruments, but rather body percussion (claps, stomps, taps, etc.), although the facilitator will bring drums and percussion instruments and incorporate them into the program.  In other cases, we may be able to introduce instruments into the sessions for participants but rotate two groups of them so they have a chance to be cleaned and disinfected before the next group.  This depends on the availability of a) cleaning supplies that are shown to kill the human coronavirus, and b) an assistant to accompany the facilitator to the programs so they can disinfect one set, while another session is in progress.  These measures might require us to raise our fee for your session slightly to accommodate the extra cleaning protocol and personnel.
  • Everyone must either wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after the program. Obviously, if anyone is displaying signs of illness, we would kindly ask them to stay at home or not attend the event.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these policies.  We appreciate your patience as we continually evaluate what will be safest for your event attendees, while still ensuring everyone has an amazing and memorable experience.