What decision makers are saying about drumming with Just Add Rhythm...

Just Add Rhythm did a fantastic job opening up our leadership conference! The activity helped to get everybody motivated and excited for the rest of the day…they did a great job incorporating our Rethink Leadership theme into the ice breaker activity helping to frame the rest of the conference for our management team. We look forward to using Just Add Rhythm at other events.
Kirssis Rullan, Employee Development Manager, Brooks Rehabilitation
I think our team really benefited from the drum session. It was so much fun and really created a great mind set…Just Add Rhythm [offers] a new and innovative way to create collaboration and open minds in a traditional setting.
Laura Nolan, Health Solution Sales Executive, Humana Go365
Just Add Rhythm took drumming to a deeper level by guiding a process of self-reflection using a universal language that promotes both interpersonal and intrapersonal connectedness.
Theresa Olson, Lead Therapist, Recovery First
Truly a transformative experience, especially witnessing the way you wove evidence-based science in with drumming and team-building. It was powerful to experience..The office was buzzing with smiles and connection all afternoon following the lunch.
Rebecca Fox, Performance Coach, Step Up for Students
They obviously had a very good time, they enjoyed it thoroughly…Some of the educational elements, the storytelling benefits, the teambuilding, relaxation, stress relief…it’s extremely valuable. I would encourage anybody to do this!
Barbara Vick, Student Services Director, Keiser University Jacksonville
We have had Just Add Rhythm come to Summer Zoo Camp for two summers now (the first was in 2017) and it has been a hit with the campers and the counselors! Alisha is great to work with – she responds to emails promptly, works with you to adapt programming to your specific needs, and is always friendly and excited to be with the kids. I learned this summer that I need to book my dates nice and early; it looks like everyone else has discovered how great Just Add Rhythm is as well!
Amy Feinstein, Education Department, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens