Clinically shown benefits of drumming

If you're wondering what drumming and rhythm have to do with health, definitely check out this article. It discusses several clinically shown benefits of drumming in a variety of populations, including those with autism, Alzheimer's, PTSD, Parkinson's, and chronic autoimmune disorders.  Drumming does great things for the brain, no matter what your age, level of ability, or background!

When people drum, something happens to their brain that only happens when people are drumming together or when people are in deep meditation,” he explained. “The brain usually operates with either the left or right side independently. People generally cycle in 20 minutes per side. But when drumming, we experience something called hemispheric synchronization, where both sides work at the same time. Scientists believe this is the basis of transcendent states of consciousness. People feel two opposite emotions simultaneously: energized and relaxed.

In 2001, Dr. Barry B. Bittman co-authored a paper titled Composite Effects of Group Drumming Music Therapy on Modulation of Neuroendocrine-Immune Parameters in Normal Subjects. Bittman’s study showed that there was a significant boost in the activity of “cellular immune components responsible for seeking out and destroying cancer cells and viruses were noted in normal subjects who drummed.” In short, drumming can increase the presence of T-cells, the white blood cell that fights viruses. Read more...

We realize that a much of this information may be completely new to you, so read on below for some additional resources on the many benefits of drumming and music making.

Additional Resources

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