Women in business: we see you! In honor of Women’s History Month

I thought being a business owner was tough enough, and then I also became a mom.

As a solopreneur, I didn’t get a “maternity leave;” I was simply lucky that the timing of our pregnancy was such that the postpartum months were slow (mostly unpaid) ones for my business. This gave me a chance to establish a round-the-clock nursing routine with our son, feeding him every 2-3 hours, and to figure out how to deal with his extremely intense colic and reflux.

I can’t imagine the new levels of stress and anxiety we all would’ve gone through if I’d have had to go back to work in an office environment with a 9-5 schedule. I feel incredibly lucky that we had those first few months (and then subsequently a painful pandemic lockdown) to bond and establish a routine. And, I have immense respect for the mamas that do leave their little ones to work outside the house, taking them to daycare or caregivers before they’re ready.

Women business owners, CEO’s, essential workers, those that are trying to find a job to support your family – I see you.

Moms working at home, and those of you educating yourselves for a better career – I see you.

Stay at home moms, and those caring for an elderly or sick family member – I see you.

Mamas who’ve been out of work raising children are are re-entering the workforce, sometimes with few opportunities – I see you.

Mamas experiencing guilt for working, or for not working – I see you.

LGBTQIA+ women, transgender women, and gender nonconforming individuals – I see you.

Women and individuals experiencing identity or racial microaggressions at work – I see you.

I recognize that each of us has her or their own path to walk for personal and professional gratification, each of us with unique challenges and experiences that are downright painful or unfair. I know many times it seems like we’re taking one step forward and 100 steps back, professionally, politically, and societally.

But, I’m also proud to be living at a time when we have, and are creating, more opportunities for ourselves and for future generations.

Women, you’re out there every day kicking butt in so many ways. I am so proud, and so grateful for you.


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