Team-building fun with non-profit Angelwood Jax!

Team-building and wellness – these are the top two objectives Just Add Rhythm focuses on whenever we facilitate a rhythm event.

So the employees of Angelwood, a Jacksonville-based non-profit, were in for a treat.  They experienced an hour of connection, stress management, and teamwork during their staff training day.

Angelwood “assists families in caring for the special needs of their loved ones through a variety of programs suited to each person’s individual goals.”  They offer residential- and community-based programs to help each person live his or her best life.

That’s why I felt a strong connection to their mission and vision. We’re all about helping people live their best lives!

Check out the pictures below and watch the video clip of one of the energy-charged activities on our YouTube channel!

The process

Just Add Rhythm has a 5-step process to ensure we’re helping our clients reach their objectives through rhythm:

  1. Drumroll – smiles & laughter
  2. Relax & refresh – wellness exercises and stretching
  3. Chatter – learning to communicate & listen using drums
  4. Drum jam – create some groovy beats together!
  5. Creating connections – rhythmic games & partner convos to solidify concepts


Participants commented after the workshop what they took away from it, including:

  • “It’s important to breathe”
  • “People working together can sound as one”
  • “It is remarkable what a strong leader can do even with people who are very different”

Putting it into action

At the end of each team-building session, I invite participants to partner up and discuss what they learned, and how they will apply it to their work and/or personal lives.  And that is always my challenge to the group – take action!  Empower yourself to be compassionate, to listen deeply to others, to take care of yourself, and to listen to yourself.

We’d love to drum with your group!  Reach out to us for a brief consult!

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